Google has created a web based social media platform that is geared purely around influencers sharing products reviews and affiliate links, giving them the ability to sell the products directly from the platform.

Currently the platform only has focus on Makeup, skincare, hair and nails, but I am sure if its successful it will roll out to other markets.  Also to note the platform is mobile only. 

An interest quote that I came across from TheNextWeb

While affiliate linking is already deeply embedded in the review industry, the focus is usually placed on good content — there might be a product promoted in those videos, but the content itself is the product. Shoploop seems to reverse that dynamic, putting the emphasis back on discovering and purchasing products, and leaving the entertainment part of it in the background.

I find this a bit strange, not the quote, the subject matter, I feel Entertainment is the key to better content and better content leads to engagement and … you see where i am going here right.. Purchase intent.

but, if you want to join this platform and be followed as a “telemarketer” I quote TheNextWeb there.. then pop over to here and sign up because its not free for everyone to jump on and be the next famous influencer. from Google