What on earth is the Amazon Dash Cart I hear you say..

Well it could be the future of retail, with a trolley that registers all your purchases with automated scanning and then charges your amazon account accordingly based on your physical basket. 

The cart basically scans your items once they are placed in cart, if the cart flashes orange then the item hasn’t been read and you have to try again. 

Another nice trick is Amazon have linked the cart to your Alexa app so you can check those items off your shopping list as you go.

Here is the video to explain the process in more detail:

The cart will first be made available at the Amazon grocery store opening in Woodland Hills, California later this year, the retailer says. it will only be for 2 bags of shopping max and isn’t really for the larger scale weekly shops.


Is this the future and can you upscale this to larger shopping experiences. 

Or could this be automated and you just pick up your shopping in the parking lot?

So many questions.