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Thermal Camera going mainstream

When I saw this thermal camera add on to your mobile my first question was: why, why is this even a thing unless you’re in law enforcement.
Well it turns out thermal imaging is actually a big thing and being used already in a number of different places, of course law enforcement, but also:
1. Disease control at airports where you can track peoples temperature to detect fevers etc, very important in Covid19 times.
2. Road safety – The BMW 7 Series incorporates an infrared camera to see people or animals beyond the driver’s direct line of sight.
3. Search and rescue – to see through smoke and find people.
4. Pest control – finding unwanted visitors in your home.
5. Health care – Circulation Problems. Thermal scanners can help detect the presence of deep vein thromboses and other circulatory disorders.
6. Home repairs – Like electrical, gas and water to find blockages and leaks.

I found this website that listed 65 uses, even down to Barbecuing to find the optimal temperature to cook.

So it does have a use and it starts at $150 head over to Flir for more information on the product

The Future of clothes shopping?!

Zozo have made a second version I assume of their try it on suit, I base this on the fact its called ZozoSuit2.
The suit takes all your measurements along with your mobile device to make sure you don’t have any ill fitting clothes in the future when ordering online.
In a covid world this is genius, while looking into the suit i saw they also do a mat for shoes.


Makeup you can only wear online via L’oreal

As we live a massive amount of our lives online currently the makeup brand L’Oreal have launched the first ever virtual make up that can only be worn online using AR.

Back in 2018 L’Oreal purchased an augmented reality filter company called Modiface which you can now use with the likes of snapchat and insta to place the makeup on the wearer.
The Snap Camera support in particular enables the selfies to be used across plenty of video chat services like Houseparty and Zoom.

The support website is here

Samsung to produce and transparent phone

Samsung are reported to be creating a fully transparent phone.
The patent was filed in January this year, the details of
the technology are available and it can also be used for TVs,
monitors, laptops, and so on.

“This display, in specific, is equipped with a transparent luminous display panel, through which light can shine. Therefore, the content can be displayed on it, and yet the light goes through it.

This display can be both flat and flexible, while a rollable display can also be created out of it, it seems. Patent sketches basically showed a modern-looking smartphone, which Letsgodigital recreated in the provided renders.”
Quote from Android Headlines

‘Impossible Tattoo’ Inked Remotely by Robot Arm over 5G Network

T-Mobile has demonstrated the potential of its #5G network with an #advertising
campaign involving the world’s first remote #tattoo.
The tattoo artist worked on tattooing a false arm in one location, while
tattoo client sat in a different building where the robot arm – controlled by,
and precisely replicating, artist’s actions – drove the needle and ink into her skin.


Thanks to Mert Tol for the sahre