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Google Earth shows the Human impact

With the biggest update on Google Earth since 2017 is the introduction of Timelapse
“With Timelapse in Google Earth, 24 million satellite photos from the past 37 years have been compiled into an interactive 4D experience. Now anyone can watch time unfold and witness nearly four decades of planetary change. ”

Just to see how much the planet has changed in such a short time is truly fascinating, but also quite scary to see the possible impact environmental change has also had on the planet.

The Future of clothes shopping?!

Zozo have made a second version I assume of their try it on suit, I base this on the fact its called ZozoSuit2.
The suit takes all your measurements along with your mobile device to make sure you don’t have any ill fitting clothes in the future when ordering online.
In a covid world this is genius, while looking into the suit i saw they also do a mat for shoes.


Fresh Food? check the Label

Are you the sort of person that throws food out once it reaches the expiry date on the product or are you the sort that takes an educated gamble and goes for it?

Both are risky; firstly you could be throwing out good food.. meaning wasting food.. meaning BAD. Or you could be eating something that will likely come back to visit you, not in a good way.

Most labels give you expiry dates based on worse case scenarios, but we normally put out products in worse case scenarios… normally!

Enter Mimica a product label that can tell you the real expiry of your product via touch, if its good the label is smooth, if bad it goes bumpy.

They are already trailing this on some diary and meat produce, so watch out, if you go to the store and your expiry label has changed, don’t throw it out until the label goes bumpy.

Wearable Electronic Tattoos

Wearable electronic tattoos that can sense electrophysiological signals like heart rate and brain activity or monitor hydration and glucose levels from sweat are under development. They can even be used for controlling mobile devices, for example shuffling a music playlist at the touch of a tattoo, or for luminescent body art that lights up the skin.

The professor in the TedTalk above has created and tested a tattoo that uses UV radiation sensors, so it can change colour when your sun lotion needs replacing.

These tattoos are not as permanent as normal tattoos and not as ‘comfartable’, but neither is electronics placed under your skin which are being developed by biohackers.

Some more on this story over at FastCompany

Amazon Halo Fitness Band Spy or Future Innovation

Amazon have announced its new innovation in fitness with the Halo band. The band has no screen so you can avoid distractions, it measures all the normal stuff like fitness, steps, sleep and diet.

But it has a few new additional features that will either excite you or freak you out. Firstly it listens to you, and based on your tone can let you know if you are being too negative in certain situations or over positive etc.. of course they have offered the ability to turn this feature off as well.

The other feature that stood out was the body scan feature, you scan yourself in the mirror and the app lets you know how to shred those extra few pounds, and claims to be better than any smart scales. 

I’m personally excited that tech is finally moving forward, Amazon is truly showing its the power house when it comes to voice and leading the way. 

When you purchase the strap you get 6 months free subscription, after that you have to layout the monthly fee.

Would I purchase one? not sure, i think we have so many subscription models at the moment its hard to manage your monthly finances when you have subs for streaming services, mobiles, music, games and now fitness straps.

Also we have the massive privacy issues that the voice function is likely to open up.

Though saying all that I would love to try one to see if it lives up to its hype.


There is a really long and extensive article on Halo over at the Verge