When I saw this thermal camera add on to your mobile my first question was: why, why is this even a thing unless you’re in law enforcement.
Well it turns out thermal imaging is actually a big thing and being used already in a number of different places, of course law enforcement, but also:
1. Disease control at airports where you can track peoples temperature to detect fevers etc, very important in Covid19 times.
2. Road safety – The BMW 7 Series incorporates an infrared camera to see people or animals beyond the driver’s direct line of sight.
3. Search and rescue – to see through smoke and find people.
4. Pest control – finding unwanted visitors in your home.
5. Health care – Circulation Problems. Thermal scanners can help detect the presence of deep vein thromboses and other circulatory disorders.
6. Home repairs – Like electrical, gas and water to find blockages and leaks.

I found this website that listed 65 uses, even down to Barbecuing to find the optimal temperature to cook.

So it does have a use and it starts at $150 head over to Flir for more information on the product