Enter Clinique, who have partnered with Daz 3D a 3D modelling software to make the Metaverse more inclusive, by creating a massive collection of 8,888 female and non-binary profile picture avatars to use in your social platforms.

Working with three influencers from different backgrounds to give advice on looks and tones to use with your skin types.

Tess Daly @tess.daly – who is a role model for people with disabilities, who don’t often see themselves reflected in the beauty industry.

Sheika Daley @officialsheiks – This sought-after celebrity makeup artist has always had her hands on a paint brush, thanks to her artist mum.

Emira D’Spain @XOXOEMIRA – She’s a TikTok star, beauty content creator

See more here; https://www.clinique.co.uk/metaverselikeus

It’s a massive step in the right direction for visualising our online personas.