A few months ago I wrote this article on Meta humans


Where i went into some details on how easy it is to create meta humans via unreal engine and how this technology is already being used for good with the Albert Einstein example.

In such a little amount of time I’m seeing more and more meta humans popping up, especially in social.

For example in the header picture we have one virtual influencer and one ‘real’ person… well I think!!!

Some brands are using meta humans as influencers, sounds strange right, you would think who would follow a meta human vs a real person?!

But, they do and its a lot of people as well nearly 6 million for Lu who i mention below.

Let me introduce you to a few.

Meet Lu the virtual influencer of a Brazilian retail Magazine Luiza. Lu is the ‘face’ of the brand sharing the latest technology available to consumers on her social media account @magazineluiza

Next is Lilmiquela.


@lilmiquela is a self acclaimed Influencer, fashionista, pop star and model.

What I did find really interesting about this influencer was the amazing story telling, there is a whole back story, baby photos etc.. but in the end she does find out that she is in fact a meta human or ‘Robo’ in her words. With 3m followers they have to be doing something right, like selling clothing below.



There are many more meta human and strange influencers out there, a good source for finding them is on VirtualHumans.org which lists the top 35 verified insta influencers.

Lets end this little update post on meta humans with a little bit of weird..

Meet @nobodysausage



No it isn’t a meta human, but its proof of the potential of virtual influencers, be they meta humans or in this case a sausage.. yes that is a sausage advertising for an insurance company in the example below. By no means am I mocking the sausage, I am honestly impressed, and I don’t want hate mail from a sausage.. you will never be able to explain that one to anybody.





Darren Richardson is a Digital Executive with over 20 years experience in bringing Technology and Creativity closer together for Brands.