Two Ex Samsung engineers have created a device called Glamos that can turn any screen into an interactive, its basically a tiny LiDAR device (a detention system that works on the principle of radar and light from a lazer) , this tech is used by autonomous vehicles to detect obstacles.

This new device is said to be compatible with phones, laptops, tablets, computers and smart TV’s.

Once connected to a device, ordinary screens are able to identify and respond to gestures made in the air, without the user having to physically touch the screen.

Much like LEAP when it was demo’d in SXSW in 2012, but this has advanced and moved on since then, connecting to multitude of devices for a start.

With Covid hitting the world we are having to rethink how we interact with object and products that where common to touch in the past, touchless products will become an even bigger market in the future.



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