Finesse, a start up is using AI to take the guess work out of all the fashion waste. It’s estimated that companies burn 13 Million Tons of Textiles per year because they don’t have the data to know how much of a certain product to make.

Finesse want to change that by gathering data on social trends, not the catwalk, but those of social influences, analyzing shares, comments likes and following the trend on certain posts to see where and when and who pushed the trend forward.

with this data they can measure who would actually purchase.

Founder and CEO Ramin Ahmari said via Techcrunch
“In the simplest terms, you can think of what we do as seeing when Kylie posts a picture on Instagram and people go crazy about it … and then you see that happen not just on Kylie’s post but across Instagram, TikTok, Google Trends,” he said. “We predict the establishing of a trend before it goes super viral.”

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