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Chat with Einstein the digital human

Lately I have taken a massive interest into Digital Humans and all they can offer using AI, machine learning and buckets of data.
This example is spot on using a figure that the world know so well and bringing him back to life for classrooms to ask him questions on all of his amazing work and his life. He responds in a casual way that doesn’t feel too forced enabling you to actually start a conversation, i would recommend using your mic vs typing to give the conversations a natural feel.

Overall I was very impressed when i have my little chat with one of my heros.

Audio content production company Aflorithmic and digital humans company UneeQ teamed up to create a digital version of the famous genius, Albert Einstein. – See the video below and to chat to him click this LINK

Source: Interesting Engineering

AI Predicted Fashion

Finesse, a start up is using AI to take the guess work out of all the fashion waste. It’s estimated that companies burn 13 Million Tons of Textiles per year because they don’t have the data to know how much of a certain product to make.

Finesse want to change that by gathering data on social trends, not the catwalk, but those of social influences, analyzing shares, comments likes and following the trend on certain posts to see where and when and who pushed the trend forward.

with this data they can measure who would actually purchase.

Founder and CEO Ramin Ahmari said via Techcrunch
“In the simplest terms, you can think of what we do as seeing when Kylie posts a picture on Instagram and people go crazy about it … and then you see that happen not just on Kylie’s post but across Instagram, TikTok, Google Trends,” he said. “We predict the establishing of a trend before it goes super viral.”

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Amazon Alexa auto pilot.

Amazon launched a new service in the US a few days ago where your Alexa devices learns from your habits and routines and starts acting for you.

The best example to explain this would be; you have gone to bed and you forgot to turn off some lights, Alexa will then either ask you if you want the lights off or just automatically turn them off, and all this is based on the habits and data Alexa collected based on your previous interactions.

Scary?! it shouldn’t be, you should have been aware that Amazon has been collecting all this data since you started using the products. there are setting to turn all of this off, but I honestly am thankful for all these added features where they put your data to use for useful solution.

More information over at the Verge.

Entertainment Commerce

I did a panel talk this month chaired by Pat Murphy of MCA and I was asked about eCommerce and how I felt it will evolve and the production behind development.
I used a few examples then this example popped into my head from Kanye West.
Where Kanye wanted to bring Art and Entertainment together with Commerce. The site is a beautiful and engaging, but usability is the main component I was missing after watching the video below.
I believe there is a space for entertainment and commerce to live beautifully together, but we have to make sure the balance is right from entertainment and functionality.

Sadly I have not been able to launch the website and keep getting an error message, which might be because I am located in the UK.

A longer article is here from Fastcompany.

AI Powered Parking

A trail project led by and a blockchain company called Datarella has launched in Munich to A.I a parking facility of a company called Connex.
The purpose behind the technology is to control pricing on the buildings parking spaces and rewarding employees whom don’t use the parking with public transport passes.

“It could say okay if you park closer, you’re going to be charged more; if you park farther away, you’ll be charged less,” says Humayun Sheikh, CEO of “We reward you for doing certain actions and we discourage you from doing certain actions.”

This sort of system has shown that putting a price on parking based on demand has shown a reduction in vehicle miles travelled and greenhouse emissions.

From a commercial point of view:’s approach aims to streamline the process of finding a parking spot using an app that drivers can set to automatically book parking spaces when available, based on predetermined price and location settings.

Full story on FastCompany